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Matthew regularly collaborates with other teachers when running classes, workshops, and retreats.

These are a few of the lovely people he regularly works with. Click their picture to go to their website!

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Yoga Teacher

Matthew Gough

Matthew has been teaching yoga for three years and practicing for more than 10.  As a latecomer to yoga he's particularly keen to bring yoga to people that that think yoga isn't for them:  "if I can do it, so can you"!

His yoga style is down to earth, practical, physical, straightforward. A mixture of static poses and flowing sequences, his classes are mindful but not spiritual, welcoming and accessible to everyone regardless of your belief or spirituality. There's no chanting, no sanskrit, no music, just a safe friendly environment to be who you want to be. You'll learn about alignment, balance, strength, flexibility, and how to work with your own body in the way that's most beneficial to you. 

Expect support and encouragement, and hands on adjustments if that's something that will help your practice. Come with an open mind and bags of enthusiasm!

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Yoga Teacher - Bare Yoga

Stefan Zebrowski

Stefan has been an active yogi since 2004, having discovered the powerful physical and spiritual practice after a serious running injury. He completed his yoga teacher certification (RYT 200) in mid-2017. He believes that, through yoga, everyone can tap into the energy and awareness contained within.

His classes always encourage connection with the breath and its link with the movement of the body. He believes in intuitive movement and a slow flow so that his students can really integrate the teachings and grow their own practice. He also pays particular attention to the language and imagery he uses while teaching and fits a few jokes in along the way to make it all a fun experience!

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Yoga Teacher

Craig Brimmer

Cheeky. Playful. Irreverent. Creative. Loving. 

These are just a few words which describe Craig’s approach to life and yoga. He originally found yoga in high school, and although it has come and gone throughout his life, he found yoga again most recently as a means of healing his body from the physical tolls of training to be a professional wrestler.    

Craig earned his RYT-200 certificate in vinyasa and Yin yoga in 2018. His yoga focuses on functional movement and how it connects the physical body with the mind, resulting in improved physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. Class styles include flowing sequences, static postures and restorative Yin sequences. His classes are accessible for all abilities, but arrive prepared to challenge yourself!

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Yoga Teacher

Andrea Massari

Hi, I am Andrea. I have always been active, running and regularly going to the gym. That is how I started my journey into yoga. At first I looked at it as another physical activity to mix into my weekly routine. I soon discovered that there is a lot more to it than just exercise. I am now a qualified yoga teacher specialising in vinyasa and power yoga. I really love my class to flow from one pose to another, gently building up strength and self confidence along the way.


My teaching approach totally involves creating an encouraging and welcoming spirit, and aiming to infuse my classes with warmth and positivity.

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Yoga Teacher

Jess Payne

Having burnt the candle at both ends and working a demanding city job for years, Jess first found her personal practise through affirmation and meditation. This led to the beautiful path of asana which Jess says transformed her life - creating balance and a relationship of self love.


Her spirituality and passion for yoga philosophy is woven into her down to earth and authentic teaching style. Jess enjoys leading a rigorous, physical practise for her students, helping them to quiet the mind and create space, both physically and mentally. Jess believes that the energy she brings to her classes resonates with both those who have just found yoga or have an established practice.

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Yoga Teacher

Ian Jacobs-Dean

Ian is a yoga teacher based in South East London. He believes that yoga should be for all people, from all backgrounds, and all body types, and that postures should be made accessible for all.


He primarily teaches hatha flow and restorative yoga, drawing influence from ashtanga and vinyasa flow. 

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