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Matthew first discovered yoga in his teens, practising with his mother, but it was only once into his 30's that he came back to yoga as a partner practice to rock climbing. He soon realised, as many do, that as well as being an excellent discipline in its own right to help those who have limited mobility and fitness, yoga can also provide huge benefits to many other exercise regimes and this sparked his interest in yoga for climbers, runners, skiers, dancers, movers, gymnasts, and many other activities.

He trained to be a yoga teacher with Mark Freeth and Anna Robertshaw-Freeth at The Freestyle Yoga Project, choosing that particular teacher training course because of its no nonsense approach to yoga and movement, and is a Registered Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

He's particularly interested in yoga for men.  Yoga was originally practised by men (only) and he's keen to redress the balance in modern yoga.  His classes targeted at men focus specifically on how the male body differs from the female body, and how the male mind differs from the female mind.

His yoga style is down to earth, practical, physical, straightforward. His classes are mindful but not spiritual, welcoming and accessible to everyone regardless of your belief or spirituality. You'll learn about alignment, balance, strength and flexibility, and how to work with your own body in the way that's most beneficial to you. Expect support and encouragement, and hands on adjustments if that's something that will help your practice. Come with an open mind and bags of enthusiasm!

He currently teaches all over the South East, including classes in Blackheath, Greenwich, Clapham, Vauxhall, and Pimlico (see classes page for more details) and is available for one to one sessions anywhere in London. 

About Matthew


Mens Yoga In Vauxhall & Yoga In Greenwich Park

Mathew's enthusiasm is infectious and his helpful support and instruction is exceptional. Classes are well planned and account always taken of different levels of experience amongst the participants. He is a personable and highly motivated teacher, cheerfully encouraging his students to give of their best.


London, UK

One To Two

Matthew is a sensitive and caring teacher who takes time to consider the strengths and weaknesses of his pupils. We had a beautifully balanced and thorough yoga session and left refreshed and tranquil- and wanting more! I can unhesitatingly recommended him to you as a yoga teacher.


London, UK

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Yoga is about deepening our understanding of ourselves, the world around us, and our place in that world.  Without the physical shield of clothes it's much easier to connect with that sense of self as we can more easily put aside the mental shield we all have in our daily lives. We're all on the same level, so no judgement can be made about who we are by the outward signs we choose to cover ourselves with.  Meditating and practising yoga whilst naked as a member of a group of other naked men is a life-affirming and deeply liberating experience. 

There is no Tantra, or sexual or sensual element, in my classes.  There is sometimes partner work in naked classes, but it's always 'opt in' rather than 'opt out', so you can freely choose to partake in any parts of the class you feel comfortable with.

Why Naked?
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