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Beginners classes are ideal as a starting point for anyone interested in Yoga and how it can be physically beneficial to you in body, but also in mind. These classes focus on fundamental yoga poses and sequences, concentrating on alignment and body awareness.  They offer something to the first timer and the more experienced yogi who's looking to deepen their practice as we break down poses and sequences, talk though positioning, ask questions, and explore together.  There is no Sanskit or chanting in these classes, and the general vibe is calm, but fun and informative.


Mixed Ability classes take things a step further than Beginners classes, but the principle is the same.  We'll start the hour with a dynamic flow sequence that will develop and grow as the term progresses, and then continue the hour with some tricker and more challenging poses.  If you have a reasonable level of fitness, or possibly some yoga experience, this class is for you. There is no Sanskrit or chanting in these classes, and you can expect a physical workout and the opportunity to really work with your breathing.


There's nothing better than a focused, personalised, one to one session to introduce you to the benefits of yoga.  If you're concerned about feeling self conscious in a class, don't have space in your schedule to fit in a group class, or perhaps have an injury that precludes you from joining a group class, get in touch and we can have a chat about it.


Matthew is in demand as a freelance teacher across London and the South East of England, teaching classes regularly in Islington and Brighton amongst other places.  If you're looking for a once off or regular tailored class at your studio or gym, or at home for a group of friends, it can easily be arranged!

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