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Naked Yoga for Men who don't think yoga is for them... :-) There's no chanting, no sanskrit, no music of any kind in my classes. We work on flexibility, strength, and mental focus. It can be physically intense but also deeply relaxing. Some are mixed ability, some are level two strong classes. There's something for everyone.



Mondays & Thursdays 3.15pm

Difficulty: mixed ability - everyone welcome!


Mondays 7.00 pm

Difficulty: Strong - a good level of physical fitness is recommended

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Weekend Warriors in Soho

Sunday 10.30am

Channel your inner Weekend Warrior and join this Sunday morning flowing class for all levels. Classes will feature a series of poses to energise and inspire, rejuvenate and uplift.

This class is a long-brewing collaboration between Matthew, Craig, Andrea and Stefan, celebrating London's big (and growing) naked yoga family. Each week will be led by one teacher, and depending on who's teaching you'll taste a different flavour of yoga, with each bringing his own ideas, strengths, and unique teaching style to the class.

Bare Yoga with Stefan in Vauxhall

Thursday 6.45pm

Every Thursday night, we come together to practice a flowing yoga class that incorporates: synchronisation of movement and breath in an energetic and calming sequence of poses, hands-on adjustments, pair poses, and a short guided relaxation with occasional meditation.

The last Thursday of each month we host our Pair Class where we focus on poses in duos followed by an optional dinner.

Wedneday Wellness with Craig in Vauxhall

Wednesday 7pm

A weekly 75-minute naked men's yoga class. There will be static poses, flowing sequences and some shared partner poses, all designed to connect you to your body, your breath, your wellbeing and the the other guys in the class.

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