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When: Sunday 12th August, 14.30 -> 16.30
Where: Top Room, Bonnington Centre, 11 Vauxhall Grove, SW8 1TD

Price: £25

PAYMENT METHOD:   Book in advance using the link above. 

Who this workshop is for:   Yoga is a timeless practice, right? Finding your spot on that familiar rectangle of sticky foam you take a deep breath and connect yourself to the ancient yogis ready to start your practice: this is how it's always been, right?

Wrong. The yoga mat was “invented” in the 1980's by Angela Farmer, who had a medical condition that meant that she couldn't sweat through her hands or feet, making yoga extremely difficult for her. She found a bit of carpet padding, and realised it could help her hands stick better to the floor if she did her yoga on it. Her students had a go and loved it too, so her father contacted the factory in Germany to see if they could make bits the right sort of shape for the average body to fit onto and thus the yoga mat was born. In 1990, the first commercial yoga mats became available, and we've never looked back.

Well today we are looking back! This workshop, offered in association with Bare Yoga, aims to look at our relationship with the yoga mat, both physical and psychological. A practical tool that has become a supportive crutch in so many ways, the yoga mat not only dramatically changes the way we practice yoga (and there is current research to suggest that many over-extension injuries are caused by reliance on the mat rather than strength to support yourself in the quest for ever more radical poses) it also fundamentally affects our state of mind. It's a safe, private space, it's MY space. It's the height of rudeness to walk on someone else's mat (I've had people tell me off for doing this!): the studio floor is public, this rectangle of expensive purple rubber is MINE.

In this workshop we'll be practicing without mats, no exceptions. Ideally wearing socks, and if you have them thin gloves... really really slippery!

The yoga won't be hard but it will be challenging on a whole different level, so come prepared to concentrate on how your body is feeling, and to allow your body to discover a whole different side of yoga.

What to wear/Bring:  This is a naturist workshop so no clothes please!   Please do not bring your mat, no mats are allowed. Please bring some slippery socks if you have them.  

How many students will there be? The class size is limited to 12 students and places are prioritised to those who have pre-paid using the link above. Remaining places are allocated on a first come first served basis. Please contact me to add your name to the list to avoid disappointment!

Health: Please have a look at the Yoga and Health section before attending a class for the first time. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me in advance of attending a class. 

Mens Naked Matless Workshop

12th August 2018

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